Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Skirting board!

I was making a wall and realised that giving is a skirting board would make it look more realistic!

From looking at this actual skirting board picture I have created a skirting board on my wall by editing the vectors to make the dents go in and out.


I based my table on this image that I found. I wanted to try and manipulate the legs.

It ended up looking like this:


design sketches

Hampster Tube!

To make this I first drew a three point curve, and a nurbs curve at the end of it and extruded the whole thing to make it a tube! the blobs are tube polygons and the shinyness was made using the phong material! - thanks Chris for your help!

Friday, 29 May 2009

Swinging Spikey Ball!

Mine and Nathan's spikey pendulum ball! =D We used joints and created cylinders over them, then animated each joint individually and parented spikes and a ball so it all moved together!


I made the first model of my animation!! I used the smooth tool and the soft modification tool to make it look as if the candle was dripping!! The fire is made using the fire effect tool in dynamics.